Paralysis is defined as the loss or impairment of the ability to move or feel a body part. Paralysis is usually caused by a spinal injury where the nervous system is damaged.  There is currently no cure for paralysis but promising development is underway. Paralysis is most commonly caused by:  Vehicular accidents 36% Violent crimes 28% Slips & Falls 21% Sports-related 6% Other 9% If you or a loved one suffers from paralysis at the fault of another call an Allentown PA personal injury lawyer today. If you or a loved one suffered paralysis, paraplegia or quadraplegia as a result of an Allentown PA accident or a Lehigh County, it is important to protect your legal rights.  Review the "10 Rules to follow if you are in an accident" instructions provided.  Then call an Allentown PA accident lawyer and Allentown PA accident attorney who's firm handles Lehigh County accident cases resulting in serious injuries such as paralysis, paraplegia, quadraplegia and/or death.

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